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Handing over the fire extinguisher to the fire brigades of Peißen

On 02.09.2020 the Erdgasspeicher Peissen GmbH handed over to the city of Bernburg a P250 powder fire extinguisher for the effective firefighting against gas fires. The fire extinguisher had been handed over to the volunteer fire brigade in Peißen. Powder extinguishing device of 250 kg is a part of the extended fire extinguishing aid and serves as a powerful, mobile application device for operating personnel of fire brigades.

Representatives of the city of Bernburg, the volunteer fire brigades of Bernburg and Peißen took part in the handover ceremony and informative guided tour on the UGS Katharina surface facility.

Preventive fire protection has the highest priority for Erdgasspeicher Peissen GmbH as a critical infrastructure and emergency operation company. Erdgasspeicher Peissen GmbH contributes to the firefighting activities in the region.


Mitteldeutsche Zeitung Artikel UGS Katharina

Mitteldeutsche Zeitung Artikel UGS Katharina

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