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Rostov children's sports clubs celebrate the opening of the season

St. Dmitry Rostovsky Charity Fund in cooperation with Erdgasspeicher Peissen GmbH organized a sports tournament for three children's sports clubs in the Rostov area this year.

On October 3, 2021, the general education school in Ishnya (Rostov region) welcomed the selected students to the season opening tournament. Around a hundred children between the ages of 9 and 17 fought for first place on the school grounds in soccer, volleyball and on an obstacle course.

This is not the first time that St. Dmitry Rostovsky Charity Fund and Erdgasspeicher Peissen GmbH have supported the school in Ishnya. A digital library was built there last year too. This year Erdgasspeicher Peissen GmbH donated € 3,000 to the fund for further projects. Such projects are implemented within the framework of the agreement on cultural cooperation between the cities of Rostov Veliky (Russia) and Bernburg (Germany). The cooperation this year is intended to further strengthen the tradition of collaborative work between Germany and Russia in the field of sport and culture.

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