Buchung von Speicherkapazitäten

AUCTION 02/2022 (NEW)


We kindly like to inform you that in order in to reach more potential customers EPG decided to shift the date of the Auction to 01.06.2022, 10:00 - 11:00

All necesarry information will be also published on PRISMA in a timely manner (latest on 23.05.2022).


General information:


Product Information for Auction 02/2022 (NEW)

UGS_Katharina_Product_ Information_Auction No.2-2022 rev 3.pdf

UGS Katharina Storage Service Agreement - Auction 02/2022 (NEW)


Terms and Conditions for Auction 02/2022 (NEW)

UGS_Katharina_TC_ for_Auction_No.2-2022.pdf






Verfügbare Kapazitäten: (Stand vom 14.12.2021)


Das gegenwärtig gebuchte Arbeitsgasvolumen beträgt 488,026 Mio. m³ (0° C).

Alle Kapazitätszahlen sind indikativ.


Verfügbare Kapazitäten (Speicherjahre 2021/22 und 2022/23):


Kapazität Arbeitsgasvolumen
Mio. m³ (0°C)

Kapazität Einspeiserate
Mio. m³/Tag (0°C)

Kapazität Ausspeiserate
Mio. m³/Tag (0°C)








verfügbar (unter-brechbar)



verfügbar (fest)

verfügbar (unter- brechbar)


488,026 488,026 0,000 12,000 9,696 0,000 2,304 24,000 19,392 0,000 4,608



503,743 33,442 12,000 10,000 0,660 1,340 24,000 20,000 1,330 2,670





In diesem Bereich finden Sie Dokumente und Dateien welche im Zusammenhang mit den Marketingaktivitäten des UGS Katharina stehen:

UGS Katharina Storage Service Agreement


General Terms and Conditions of Access – Annex 1


Annex 1a to the SSA Terms and Conditions for Auction

Annex 1a to the SSA_ Terms & Conditions _ for_Auction vs5,0.pdf

Storage Specification – Annex 3 - 01022020

UGS_Katharina_Storage Specification_Annex_3-20200130_vs4.pdf

Annex 3.1. Injection Characteristics UGS Katharina

20220217 Annex 3.1. Injection Characteristics UGS Katharina.pdf

Annex 3.2. Withdrawal Characteristic UGS Katharina

20220217 Annex 3.2. Withdrawal Characteristic Curve UGS Katharina.pdf


General Determination Procedure Variable Storage Fee - 21042022

UGS_Katharina_General_Determination_Procedure_Variable_ Fee-21042022.pdf
















UGS “Katharina” – technical product offer on storage of natural gas for GFF of new cavern 141

Date: 28.04.2022


Erdgasspeicher Peissen GmbH (“EPG”) is the storage system operator of the Underground Gas Storage “Katharina” in Germany. EPG constructs and commercially operates the UGS in the proximity of Bernburg in Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. Construction of all caverns of UGS Katharina will be finished in 2025. The storage is connected to the “JAGAL” gas pipeline at the connection point Bobbau in Germany. The UGS Katharina is technically operated by the company “VNG Gasspeicher GmbH” (Leipzig, Germany).

For technical purposes of the construction and Gas First Fill (“GFF”) related to cavern no. 141 of UGS “Katharina” to be de-brined until its commissioning which is planned in 2023, EPG offers a “technical product”, i.e. gas storage capacities subject to certain conditions in view of supporting the technical process of de-brining and completion of cavern 141 whereby the customer shall inject during 01.08.2022 06:00 – 01.10.2022 06:00 and withdraw during 01.05.2023 06:00 – 01.06.2023 06:00 665,240 MWh and may store the related gas as described as follows:


Storage Period

01.08.2022 06:00 – 01.06.2023 06:00


01.08.2022 06:00 – 01.10.2022 06:00

Max firm injection capacity/h: 454,4 MWh/h

Interruptible injection capacities

01.08.2022 06:00 – 01.10.2022 06:00

EPG will inform on additional availability of interruptible injection capacities for the next gasday by 11:00 h gasday -1

Standstill Period

01.10.2022 06:00 – 01.05.2023 06:00

„no gas movement”


01.05.2023 06:00 – 01.06.2023 06:00

Max firm withdrawal capacity/h: 1,100 MWh/h (storage curve applies)

Interruptible withdrawal capacities

01.05.2023 06:00 – 01.06.2023 06:00

EPG will inform on interruptible withdrawal capacities for the next gasday by 11:00 h gasday -1

Storage Balance

665,240 MWh on 01.10.2022 06:00
0 MWh on 01.06.2023 06:00

Total Quantity:

665,240 MWh

the total injected gas volume will be withdrawn in the withdrawal period again. The storage balance shall at no times become negative.

Contractual basis:

Gas Storage Service Agreement (the “Contract”) between counterparty and EPG

Delivery Point:

Bobbau/Germany (Exit-/Entry capacity with the adjacent network operator “Gascade”/TSO not incorporated in EPGs storage services)


Exit-/and Entry-Capacities in Bobbau/Germany to be booked by Storage Customer with “Gascade”/TSO

Gascade is the transportation system operator (“TSO”) at Storage Connection Point Bobbau/Germany.

Fixed Storage Fee

No storage fee (zero fee) for storage of gas, due to characteristics and conditions of such “technical product” (i. e. storage of gas for GFF)

Variable Storage Fee

As per publication on website:

Payment Terms

Invoicing and due dates as per Contract

Contact person

Mr. Axel Stoltenberg
Tel. +4934520933029

Start of commercial operations of new cavern no. 141

Not later than 01.06.2023

Requirements to counterparty

  1. Submission of two last available financial reports (2020-2021)
  2. Provide a copy of the trade registry excerpt and pass the communication test
  3. Holding a balance area contract with THE
  4. EPG may request an upfront payment for the variable Storage Fee in accordance with §26 GT&C


Should Your company be interested in the above described storage of natural gas in UGS Katharina, please let us know about your interest by official letter.

We are available for any further information and timely negotiation of the Contract’s terms.





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