Ground was broken at the site of UGS Katharina in Peissen, near Bernburg, Saxony-Anhalt; in 2011. Named after Russian empress Catherine the Great, the facility is to be expanded stage-by-stage until its completion in 2025.

Upon its completion, UGS Katharina’s 12 caverns will have a working gas capacity of more than 600 million cubic metres – enough to supply over 300,000 households with natural gas for a full year. As in the case of the nearby UGS Bernburg, UGS Katharina’s caverns are being constructed by drilling and leaching underground mineral salt deposits down to a depth of 500 to 700 metres.

2011 and 2012


Two caverns acquired from VNG Gasspeicher GmbH

2011 and 2012


Connection line of around 37 kilometres in length constructed to the JAGAL pipeline

2011 – 2024

Surface facility

UGS Katharina’s surface facility and connection line are scheduled to commence production operations on 1 April 2017. The surface facility was constructed with bidirectional quantity meters, a pressure control complex for injection and withdrawal, and a compressor station with three electrical compressors.

2011 - 2024

Cavern expansion

10 further caverns to be leached, equipped, and commissioned stage by stage

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